In October 2023, a corporation signing ceremony erupted into a spontaneous celebration dance party. It was the beginning of the official partnership of five exceptionally-experienced coach trainers re-forming the Coach Approach Skill Training team into a company of greater strength, diversity, and breadth.

One of our strengths as a team is the variety of backgrounds, affiliations and experiences we bring to the singular purpose of shaping a different style of leader. That is, a leader who is hope-filled and resilient, who asks questions of wisdom, depth and accountability, and who believes in the innate capabilities of others.

The CAST story began with two founders, Coach George Howard and Coach Chris Holmes, who formed a deep friendship with uncommon synergy. Over the next 12 years they grew CAST into a “professional grade” ICF-approved training with a wide following and unparalleled respect in the field. CAST has taught the skills of coaching to thousands of leaders in over 2/3rd’s of the United States, as well as the Church of Scotland and leaders in Africa.

With the expansion from two to five partners, CAST is now even better poised to meet the growing need for leaders who are committed to a coach-like leadership style in faith-based denominations, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

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